• Maximum Momentum

  • Learn how to get some real momentum & ‘air-time’

  • Effective & efficient techniques

  • Cause maximum effect with minimum effort

  • Can be used in any situation

  • Sweep your opponent from the clinch, and against their body kicks/teeps/long knee

  • Dishearten your opponent and score highly

  • Score BIG!

In muay thai, sweeping or ‘dumping’ your opponent is not only high scoring but will also dishearten and tire them out.  During this course, we will cover many variations of sweeps, and learn how to use them from the clinch, and against your opponent’s body kick/teep/long knee.  Each demonstration will illustrate how to successfully execute each sweep in either a fight or sparring situation, and are some of my favourites from throughout my career.

Being able to pull of the perfect sweep takes, subtle movements and precision timing and this course goes in depth into explaining how to time every sweep throw or dump at the right time to off balance your opponent as much as possible and execute them to maximum effect.

Many of these techniques can also be utilised not only in muay thai but also mma, I teach most of these to the mma guys I train stand up and have seen them used countless times in mma bouts.


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