• Learn my favourite pad drill techniques

  • Tried and tested formulas that work

  • Develop your fighting reflexes

  • Improve your technique

  • Think about rhythm, timing, accuracy

  • Gain ‘Muscle memory’

In this section there are a few different drills you can use with a partner or on your own on the bag.

The idea behind drill work like this is to find a nice rhythm with your shots, to use techniques that flow well together and to get you out of the habit of using single shots.   If you’re drilling one or two shot combos in training, these are what you will be more likely to use in a fight.

Drills create muscle memory and shorten reaction time, and by drilling longer combinations in the gym, you will improve your confidence and ability to utilise these longer combos in a fight or sparring situation.  Drills are also great for improving stamina.


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