ONLINE MUAY THAI LOW KICKS COURSE2018-12-07T15:55:14+00:00


  • Timing & distance

  • Time your low kicks to perfection

  • Setting up low kicks

  • With punches and fakes

  • Stop your opponent

  • Learn how to cause maximum damage

  • Tried & tested with devastating effect

If used correctly, the low kick is one of MuayThai’s most devastating techniques.  Although not necessarily the most high scoring, if executed correctly it will leave your opponent incapacitated and unable to continue the fight.  This is one of my favourite (and most notorious) techniques and has earned me many stoppage victories.

This course is perfect for anyone wanting to learn how to low kick with power, precision and accuracy.  If you’re a beginner and just starting out, this will give you the best foundation to build on, and applying these principles will get you well on your way to your first leg kick KO!  For advanced fighters, this has been a technique that has served me well at all levels, from c class fights, right up to facing the best of the best elite level fighters.

Although many people think this is a simple technique, there is a real science behind being a good low kicker.  This course will demonstrate how to correctly time your low kicks so that they become almost impossible to defend; how to set up your low kicks with punches and fakes; and how to use your opponent’s footwork against them as they try to move.

Anyone who has learned how to master the low kick will instantly become a nightmare to fight, and hopefully this course will add a whole new dimension to your game.


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