You’ll never run out of drills, skills and combos to practice as you aspire to improve every single day. Our professionally set-up course in this area will allow you to train with intensity from home with a bag or at your gym alone.

  • Incorporating a variety of drills which you can use during any training session, whether you’re going solo or joined by a partner.
  • These drill varieties not only increase your cardiovascular fitness but also help your techniques to flow together effectively.
  • Drilling combinations are an essential aspect of all fighters training. The more you drill in the gym the more chance of landing those combinations when you fight.
  • Bag drills help with your overall body conditioning as well as technique. The more you train the more conditioned you will be.
  • As you learn to flow each shot to the next using the correct body mechanics, you will gain speed and power in every shot whilst improving your balance and fitness levels.

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