• Learn the basics

  • Footwork & stance, boxing & kicking

  • Knees & elbows, basic clinch and defence

  • Build your confidence

  • Clear and easy to follow, step by step instructions

  • Perfect the correct technique

  • Suitable for on the bag, with a partner or alone

  • On the bag, or at the gym with a friend

When starting your muay thai journey, its important you focus on the basics.  The goal is to develop all your basic techniques, from stance and footwork, to all aspects of striking (i.e. punches, elbows, kicks, knees and clinch work) without rushing and trying to move forward too quickly, which will only lead to bad habits. Whilst there are countless other techniques you will learn, when starting out if you keep your training focused and simple to understand, this will help you master the techniques and perform them correctly.

This course covers all basic aspects of muay thai, and even if you have never set foot in a muay thai gym before this will give you all the foundations you need to feel confident enough to walk in to any gym, or even if you had already joined a gym this course will still give you a basic and better understanding of all techniques and help you advance quicker.

All you need to get started are a pair of hand wraps and boxing gloves and either a heavy bag, or some thai pads so you can practise with a partner. The footwork and shadow boxing techniques can even be practised at home infront of a mirror.


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