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Learn from the best with 8x world champion and top muay thai coach Liam Harrison. Follow the techniques and drills he has incorporated into his training throughout his career, to help you on your path to becoming the best.

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Suitable for all levels no matter where you are on your muay thai journey. This website is perfect for those who are just starting out, all the way up to pro fighters wanting to up their fight game and add a new dimension to their training routine.

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You will need some loose/comfortable clothing, bare feet, and ideally some wraps and boxing gloves.  If you’re training alone, you will need a heavy boxing bag; if training with a partner you will need a set of thai pads.  Remember water too – it’s important to keep hydrated when training!

No – my beginner course will learn you all of the basic and will cover stance, footwork, basic punches/kicks/knees/elbows, as well as basic clinch work and defence.  We will explain all of the techniques clearly, with plenty of demonstrations and explanations of how you would apply the techniques.

This is the perfect course for you – see answer above.  You will learn all of the basic techniques broken down in to short and easy to follow videos, with clear instructions and demonstrations from myself and other professional fighters.

No, all you need is the right equipment and a suitable area to train.  If you are wanting to train at a gym, make sure you research the gym beforehand and ensure they are reputable.

Definitely! Most of the techniques you will see here can be translated and used in MMA, both sparring and fight situations.  This website will be particularly useful for people wanting to improve their stand-up or add another dimension to their fight game.

It depends!  For the beginners course and a number of the pad drills, you will be able to practice these on the bag alone.  However, for some of the more techniques, you will need a partner to practice these on or hold pads for you.

Yes – Liam Harrison is 8x world champion, has been fighting professionally for over 19 years, and has coached all over the world.

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“As a fighter and a coach, Liam is one of the best in the business. He has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals regardless of your level of experience. Through training with Liam, I have learnt new skills and techniques whilst developing fitness and muscle strength. I would highly recommend him to everyone wanting to train at any level, from complete beginners to experienced competitors.”

Jenny Claff

Professional Muay Thai Fighter